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Welcome to Hexagon Defense! If you need some information for the game, you are at the right address!

📢 For customer support inquiries, please go to http://netheryoshi.com/support.

📢 한국어 버전: 링크 (Link to Korean version)

Table of Contents

  1. Objectives (Goals)
  2. Controls
  3. Basic Mechanisms
  4. Items and Buffs
  5. Arenas
  6. Coins, Tokens and Store
  7. Rainbow Box and Skins

Objectives (Goals)

In Hexagon Defense, your goal is to get the highest score on each Arena. To do so, you should aim to survive the longest you can! The score will increase every time you eliminate an enemy.

Your high score will be posted on the Leaderboard, and the higher your score is, the higher your name will be. So aim for the best possible score!

💡 Tip: For every 70,000 points you earn, you can open a Rainbow Box for free!


Hexagon Defense consists of 3 basic controls: rotate, shoot, and use item.

- Rotate: Use the steering wheel to rotate the hexagon.
- Shoot: Hold or Tap the Shoot button to fire bullets.
- Use Item: Tap the Item button to use your item. (The number in the button represents the time left for recharge, or your shield health.)

💡 Tip: You can change the controller options at in-game Settings.

Basic Mechanisms

Hexagon Attacked

When your hexagon is attacked by an enemy, the part(s) of the hexagon that got attacked will be temporarily destroyed. Don't worry though, it will soon be repaired after a short amount of time.

💡 Tip: Try to avoid the blue parts from being attacked, since they are the ones that shoot bullets.

Hexagon Destroyed / Game Over

A game ends when the green Core gets attacked. The enemies cannot penetrate the hexagon (except a special enemy type), so this will happen when your hexagon has a "hole."

Once the game ends, your scores will be submitted to the Leaderboards*, and you will earn coins and Rainbow Box points.
* Make sure you are signed in to Google Play Games and you're playing on the latest version of the game.

💡 Tip: On your Google Play Games account settings, make your leaderboard score visible!


When your hexagon gets destroyed, you can revive your hexagon once per game. The price of doing so is 10 tokens or watching an ad. (Premium members can revive for free!)

When this happens, your hexagon will revive with only its blue parts. Be aware that a revived hexagon will not be repaired.

💡 Tip: When you're a beginner of the game, it's better to save up your tokens to upgrade your items or buffs rather than using them for revives.

Items / Buffs


Items are skills that you can equip! You can use the powerful skills of the items to slaughter the enemies. You can equip one item at a time.

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Difficulty: ★☆☆
Skill: Activates Fever Mode (7.3 seconds)
Cooldown: 41-73 seconds


Difficulty: ★★☆
Skill: Launches an explosive Torpedo (40% score bonus on enemies destroyed by Torpedo)
Cooldown: 23.5-45.9 seconds
💡 Tip: Torpedoes are often the best when launched vertically.


Difficulty: ★★☆
Skill: Spawns a Crazy Bus (20% score bonus on enemies destroyed by Crazy Bus)
Cooldown: 15.6-32.4 seconds
💡 Tip: Time carefully to eliminate the most enemies possible!


Difficulty: ★☆☆
Skill: Creates a shield that can defend enemy attacks
Shield health: 2-10
💡 Tip: Do not underestimate this item.


Difficulty: ★★★
Skill: Regenerates the hexagon instantly
Cooldown: 19.6-39.6 seconds

 Time Freeze

Difficulty: ★★★
Skill: Slows the time for 2.2 seconds
Cooldown: 25.5-51.1 seconds
💡 Tip: This item is the best in difficult Arenas.

 Dumak Co. Ltd (Special)

Difficulty: ★☆☆
Skill: Spawns an AI minion that helps destroying enemies (Its speed and efficiency increases as you upgrade it.)

💡 Tip: Items can be good on some Arenas but on other Arenas. Try a variety of items for a higher score!


Buffs are permanent upgrades to the game. They are activated regardless of the equipped item or the Arena. They are really helpful, so be sure to check them out!

Some buffs may include: Regen Boost, Cooldown reduction, Coin Bonus, etc.

💡 Tip: We recommend you upgrading the Coin Bonus first.


You can upgrade the items and buffs to make it more powerful!

- Items: Cooldown times are reduced as you upgrade it.* (Max level: 9**)
- Buffs: The effect gets more powerful as you upgrade it. (Max level: 25)

You can upgrade items/buffs with either Tokens or Coins. If you pay with Tokens (gold), your upgrade will succeed by 100%. If you pay with Coins (silver), your upgrade will succeed by chance.***
(Buff upgrades have a 100% success rate for both tokens and coins.)

You can do this by clicking the "+" icon in the item selection menu.

* Exceptions: Shield, Dumak Co. Ltd
** Special items have a max level of 5.
*** Click here to view the probabilities. When upgrades fail, you will not get refunded, but instead, receive Rainbow Box points.

💡 Tip: The upgrade success rate decreases as you level your item up. Sometimes it's better to use tokens.


Hexagon Defense features a variety of Arenas with different themes and difficulty! Currently, there are four Arenas that you can play.

Arena 1

- Difficulty: Easy
- To unlock: Complete tutorial

Arena 2

- Difficulty: Medium
- To unlock: 6,000+ on Arena 1

Arena 3

- Difficulty: Hard
- To unlock: 15,000+ on Arena 2 & 9,000+ on Arena 1

Arena 4

- Difficulty: Very Hard
- To unlock: 24,000+ on Arena 3 & 27,000+ on Arena 2 & 16,000+ on Arena 1

💡 Tip: You can get 100,000 Rainbow Box Points for unlocking a new Arena!

Coins, Tokens and Store

Tokens and Coins

In Hexagon Defense, there are 2 main currencies: tokens and coins.

- Coins can be earned by playing games, or through the Rainbow Box. They can be used to upgrade an item/buff.
- Tokens can be earned through daily bonuses or the Rainbow Box, or you can purchase them at the store. They can be used for upgrades and revives.

💡 Tip: You can earn 25 tokens each day just by checking in! (Internet connection required)

Premium Membership

📢 [40% off] To celebrate the official release, Premium Membership is currently on sale! ($4.99 -> $2.99)

At a cheap price, Premium Membership comes with various benefits that will help you throughout the game!

- Unlimited Revives
- Permanent Ad Removal
- Coin Bonus +100% (in addition to +50% buff)
- +20% Rainbow Box Points
- 1200 free tokens (~$6 worth)

You can purchase it from the in-game store.

* Premium can only be purchased once.

💡 Tip: Premium comes with continuous benefits, so it's better to get it early!

Rainbow Box and Skins

Rainbow Box

Rainbow Box is a free loot box that you can earn for free by just playing! You can open a free Rainbow Box for every 70,000 points you earn in-game.

Rainbow Box will give you tokens, coins, or an exclusive bullet skin. Rainbow Box cannot be purchased with tokens or coins.

💡 Tip: You can get up to 25% more points by upgrading the Score Bonus buff. You can also get 20% more if you are a Premium Member!

Bullet Skins

You can decorate and customize your bullets with different bullet skins! They can be unlocked in Rainbow Boxes.

💡 Tip: Try collecting all of them!

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